Stream Christine And The Queens' New Song 'People, I've Been Sad' Chris catalogs the shades of melancholy in her gooey synth-pop single.

Christine And The Queens' New Single Lets Us Know: 'People, I've Been Sad'


Chris has always cataloged the shades of melancholy, including the exquisite baby blues of "5 Dollars," but there is something evocative in the straightforward title of Christine and the Queens' new song. "People, I've been sad" — I mean, just look at it. The weariness of that comma. The simplicity of that declaration. And if you're looking for poetry beyond the title, the French verses have you covered:

Adolescence contrariée par des milliers de remords
Maintenant quand je ressens quelque chose tout est bien plus fort


Teenage years upset by thousands of regrets
Now when I feel something everything is so much stronger

Yes, Chris, I do know the feeling.

Chris, who produces her own work, is a connoisseur of gooey bass and a tinny drum hit, splattering within the confines of gated reverb. "People, I've been sad" continues her practice of a beautiful songwriting fusion that forgoes linguistic monogamy.