The 5 Best-Dressed Tiny Desk Concerts From gender-bending bling and a sharply-tailored pink suit to orange plaid and a classic black overcoat, these performers classed up the Tiny Desk

The 5 Best-Dressed Tiny Desk Concerts

For almost two weeks now, NPR Music has been meeting via video conference, just like millions of Americans and folks all over the world. Our office attire is pretty laid back, but working from home, we're all about sweats and T-shirts.

This situation got me thinking about the Tiny Desk's dress code. If you are a fan of the series, you know that most musicians dress comfortably. Occasionally, you'll see a funky coat or a dapper suit, but most wear regular street clothes.

But some musicians really class up the space. SsingSsing brought gender-bending bling inspired by Korean traditional art, Kenyan-born J.S. Ondara dressed in a sharply-tailored pink suit and Adele kept it classic with a black overcoat, knee high boots, tights, gloves and a modest pocketbook. Jorja Smith's whole look was clean and fresh with beautiful braids, small gold hoops and a halter pantsuit in orange plaid.

For her performance with Black Thought and DJ Dummy, Mumu Fresh wore a colorful floral blouse, flared shorts and an elegant cocktail derby atop her red hair. Her music represents a regal combination of black power and Native American pride, filled with themes of hope, personal growth and self-love: all good reminders for the new challenges we face today.

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