Are You Asking For A Break On Mortgage, Rent Or Other Bills? NPR is looking to hear from people who lost their jobs or income during the coronavirus pandemic and who are trying to get help from mortgage companies or other lenders.

Are You Asking For A Break On Mortgage, Rent Or Other Bills?

Katherine Du/NPR
Talk to us about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected your mortgage and other loan payments.
Katherine Du/NPR

Banks are being ordered to allow people hurt financially in the coronavirus pandemic to skip mortgage payments. Some lenders are doing this for auto loans, credit cards and small business loans with no negative impact on people's credit scores.

If you're asking for this kind of help, NPR wants to hear from you.

We want to know how all of this is playing out. Are banks and other lenders working to help you? If you're a renter, is your landlord being flexible? We want to hear your experiences.

Please tell us your story by filling out the form here.

Sharing your experiences will help reporters understand what's happening in the middle of this crisis. And we may contact you to see if you'd like to do an interview for a story.

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