Video: Watch Daughter Of Swords Play The Tiny Desk Alexandra Sauser-Monnig returns to the Tiny Desk with her band Daughter of Swords, showcasing new music as well as songs from 2019's gorgeous Dawnbreaker album.

Daughter Of Swords: Tiny Desk Concert

Back in the Before-Times, when Tiny Desk concerts were held in front of gatherings of people — "crowds," we called them — we'd remind everyone in attendance to silence their cell phones. When the music was loud enough, it didn't matter if people followed instructions. But when Daughter of Swords came to grace us with a few hushed folk songs, the music was so eerily still, you could have heard a phone vibrate.

Though she's joined by a full band here, Daughter of Swords was originally envisioned as a solo project for Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, who returned for a second Tiny Desk concert after making a stop as one-third of the wonderful Mountain Man. Sauser-Monnig's counterparts in that group have already been by as individuals — Molly Sarlé in a solo set, Amelia Randall Meath as the singer of Sylvan Esso — so it was only natural that Sauser-Monnig would return, too, this time to showcase songs from 2019's gorgeous Dawnbreaker (as well as a new track called "Prairie Winter Wasteland").

Between the rustic sweetness of the arrangements and Sauser-Monnig's between-song banter — which included, among other things, a low-key discussion of breakfast foods — Daughter of Swords' set doubles as a fine way to trick your doctor into not prescribing blood-pressure medication. In anxious times, it'll settle you right down.


  • "Long Leaf Pine"
  • "Shining Woman"
  • "Prairie Winter Wasteland"


Alexandra Sauser-Monnig: guitar, vocals; Maia Friedman: vocals, guitar, keys; Alex Bingham: bass; Joe Westerlund: drums


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