Student Podcast Challenge Finalists Here are all the finalists in the second NPR Student Podcast Challenge.

Full List of Student Podcast Challenge 2020 Finalists

High School Finalists:

America Isn't All Song and Dance

Changing the White Curriculum, One Book at a Time

CV19 Podcast

Gangs In Chicago

How a Small Town Discovered the Universe

Into Our Lives!

Life And Death In The Amazon: A Tragic Tale Of Survival

Live, Laugh, Question Life: A Fam of Five

Offensive Mascot Representation In Wisconsin Schools

Popo the Clown

Strawberries In The Death Capital?

The Flossy Podcast

Things You Don't Know About Tesla

What Is The Most Beautiful Sound?

Why Instagram is Like a Cocaine-Laced Brownie

Middle School Finalists:

40 Years Cold

Looking Towards Nature

Masked Kids


Resolved: That the U.S. Government Ought to Ban Political Advertising on Social Media

Sibling Rivalry

Students VS Teachers

The Forgotten Flood of 1965

Toxic Masculinity

Why Podcast?