Barenaked Ladies Singer Steven Page Shares New Song 'Isolation' In This Session : Vox Politics : World Cafe Words and Music Podcast Steven Page, who you may recognize as the lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, shares songs written while isolated during the pandemic.

Steven Page Shares New Song 'Isolation' In A Performance From Home

Steven Page On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Isolation"
  • "Gravity"
  • "I'll Be That Girl"

How have you been holding up these last couple months? What have you been doing during self-isolation? If some days feel good and productive and some days don't feel quite so good, Steven Page understands. You may recognize his voice from his time in Barenaked Ladies, and he's now a solo artist. Steven wrote his new track "Isolation" right at the beginning of the shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and today he joins me to perform that song and to talk about how he's been dealing with it all — including the epic song he turns to when he's feeling hopeless. Listen in the audio player, or join our video chat above.

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