Watch Party: The Joshua Redman Quartet's 'RoundAgain' Reunion Concert Before Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride and Brian Blade recorded their new studio album, RoundAgain, they recorded this special hour-long concert video.

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Watch Party: The Joshua Redman Quartet's 'RoundAgain' Reunion ConcertWBGO and Jazz At Lincoln Center

The first time around was special, and everyone knew it. But ask any member of the former Joshua Redman Quartet — Redman on saxophones, Brad Mehldau on piano, Christian McBride on bass, Brian Blade on drums — and he'll confirm there was some magic in the air when they reconvened last fall at The Falcon in New York's Hudson Valley, breaking a 25-year hiatus.

That reunion gig, which I was fortunate enough to catch from a table up front, preceded the recording of RoundAgain — a supremely assured new studio album by this fantastic four, which now identifies as a collective (with Redman as the first among equals). Jazz Night in America and NPR Music are proud to present an hour-long concert video from the two-night run, which means you can experience that spark just as it's being rekindled.

The artists, who have all risen to the highest tier of prominence, will join me for some post-game analysis — a Q&A about the concert, the album and the deep musical bond that they've only strengthened over time. Tune in July 22 at 4 p.m. ET.

Watch the post concert Q&A here.

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