The NPR Student Podcast Challenge: College Edition Everything you need to know about the new NPR Student Podcast Challenge: College Edition

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge: College Edition


Submit by February 15, 2021 here.

We're inviting college students around the country to create a podcast — about anything you want! — and compete for a chance to have your work appear on NPR.

Be a part of the NPR Student Podcast Challenge: College Edition

"how it works" LA Johnson/NPR

Here's how it works: Put together a podcast with your friends, your club, or by yourself and submit it to us.

This contest is for students pursuing an associate's or bachelor's degree. There is no age restriction! Each podcast should be between three and eight minutes long.

The winning podcast submissions will be featured in segments on NPR's Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

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We don't expect you to be experts. In fact, we assume that most of you are putting a podcast together for the very first time. Don't panic!

Visit our submission guide to find suggested prompts, guidelines for submissions, and a list of questions you might have.

But before you do anything, it's important to read the official rules here.

Sure, this is a competition, but it's also about telling stories in a fun way. We want to make that process easier — so we've put together materials to help you along the way.

We'll have more content coming out soon for college students! But for now you can find our materials for the main Student Podcast Challenge (for students in grades 5-12) and our podcast about how to make a podcast.

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The Judges

Ramtin Arablouei

Mike Morgan/NPR
Ramtin Arablouei, photographed for NPR, 17 January 2019, in Washington DC.
Mike Morgan/NPR

Edith Chapin

Stephen Voss/Stephen Voss
Edith Chapin 2018 square
Stephen Voss/Stephen Voss

Felix Contreras

Maggie Starbard/NPR
Felix Contreras.
Maggie Starbard/NPR

Michel Martin

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Steve Voss/NPR

Natalie Moore

Questions? Read through our frequently asked questions here. If you're still looking for an answer, send us an email at