Emily Oster on opening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic : Planet Money Emily Oster wanted to understand the risks of opening schools. So she started a massive data collection campaign. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Opening Schools And Other Hard Decisions

Opening Schools And Other Hard Decisions

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Emily Oster

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Emily Oster is a professor of economics at Brown University. She's also known for her data-driven approach to parenting, which she's outlined in her two books, Expecting Better and Cribsheet. Earlier this year, Oster brought her parenting approach to an email newsletter that was supposed to cover everything from baby carriers to allergies.

But when the coronavirus upended everything, Oster started writing about making decisions during this time of uncertainty. Like: is it safe for kids to see their grandparents?

Then in June, her newsletter turned into something entirely different: a massive data gathering project. In this episode, Oster talks about making tough parenting choices — and how to think about reopening schools.

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