The cases for hope and despair about the U.S. economy : The Indicator from Planet Money Should we feel hope or despair about the future of the American economy? Cardiff and Stacey debate.

Hope Vs. Despair

Hope Vs. Despair

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Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images
Will the bull or the bear statue win?
Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

There's a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the future of the U.S. economy at the moment. Some indicators point to a rapid recovery while others paint a much less optimistic picture.

The economy bounced back in the third quarter, but will it continue? Unemployment is down, but still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. Consumer confidence is up, but will that translate to more spending? Will Americans ever get a second round of stimulus money?

In short: Should we feel optimistic or pessimistic about the American economy?

Cardiff and Stacey face off and debate the future of the economy.

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