Send A Short Note To Someone Voting Differently From You What do you wish "the other side" understood about your life these last four years? Tell us, and we'll pass the message along.

Write A Note Across The Political Divide. What Do You Wish They Understood?

Libby Yi/NPR
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Libby Yi/NPR

We're nearing the end of a polarizing election season, marked by a global pandemic and nationwide protests against racial injustice. It's been a lot to process, and we want to know how you're feeling. More specifically, we want to know what you wish "the other side" understood.

The ask is simple: write a short note to someone who will vote differently from you. What do you wish they understood about your life these last four years?

Your response should be postcard length, roughly 100 words. We plan to follow up with some of you and also to share some notes with other responders. We would share only your message, not your name, contact information, etc. We also plan to ask some of you if you'd be willing to have your thoughts recorded for audio and/or video use.

Submissions have closed. Thanks to everyone who wrote a message.

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