Predictions Our panelists predict what will be the biggest surprise on Election night.



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Our panelists predict what will be the biggest surprise on Election night.


Now, panel, will would be the big surprise on Tuesday night? Adam Burke.

ADAM BURKE: The most surprising thing on Tuesday is you're going to have a moment, just a moment where you're going to be bummed that you don't get to argue with your Uncle Steve about politics at Thanksgiving this year. But don't worry - it'll pass.


SAGAL: Faith Salie.

FAITH SALIE: As every projected Electoral College vote comes in, Wolf Blitzer will slowly turn into the wolf man he's been suppressing for years.


SAGAL: And Alonzo Bodden.

ALONZO BODDEN: I predict the Chiefs will repeat in the Super Bowl. Oh, wait. Is there something else going on? I hadn't heard.


BILL KURTIS: Well, if any of that happens, we'll ask you about it on WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you, Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Alonzo Bodden, Adam Burke and Faith Salie. Thanks to all of you for listening. You guys, it's not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning. I'm Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week.

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