How Many Votes Have Been Counted In Undecided States Millions of outstanding votes have yet to be tallied, including in the key states of Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

How Many Votes Have Been Counted In Undecided States


Updated at 8:10 p.m. ET

The presidential race got even tighter Wednesday night as Joe Biden narrowed in on 270 electoral votes with a win in Michigan. But there are still many votes to be counted in other crucial swing states that were always likely to determine the outcome of this election.

More than 139 million votes have been counted, and The Associated Press is projecting a total vote of nearly 173 million, which would be a record. Four key states — Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — remained up in the air Wednesday evening, with an estimated 1.7 million votes not yet counted.


President Trump was ahead in the vote tally in Pennsylvania Wednesday night, but the count is not expected to be complete for a few days.

Two Sun Belt states that Democrats had hoped to capture, Georgia and North Carolina, have counted 97% and 94% of their votes, respectively. Trump retains a narrow lead in each state. Nevada, another key state for Democrats, has 75% counted, with a slight lean toward Biden.

Alaska also remains to be called, but it's expected to fall in Trump's column.