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Swamp Gravy (UPDATE)

Swamp Gravy (UPDATE)

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Colquitt Miller Arts Council

Swamp Gravy

Colquitt Miller Arts Council

Note: A version of this episode originally ran in 2018.

For a particularly difficult Thanksgiving, we thought we'd bring our listeners one of the most heartwarming economic stories from the vault, with a little update.

Colquitt, Georgia has a population of about 2,000 people. And like a lot of small towns in America, Colquitt had been struggling with a shrinking population, and the departure of manufacturing, and the decline of farming, and all the other economic troubles that plague small towns. And then Joy Jinks stumbled across a bizarre way for the town to try and save itself: they'd stage a musical!

On today's show: how a homespun theater production helped revitalize a struggling peanut-farming town in southwestern Georgia.

Music: "Awards Night," "Everyday A Mistake," "Pixels," and "Trippy Cool."

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