Low Cut Connie Sets Out To 'Change The Molecules In The Room' : World Cafe : World Cafe Words and Music Podcast In this session, Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie dissects his mindset when it comes to performing – advice that, it turns out, applies to many (more normal) situations in life.

Low Cut Connie Sets Out To 'Change The Molecules In The Room'

Low Cut Connie On World Cafe

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Set List

  • "Private Lives"
  • "Help Me"
  • "Tell Mama"
  • "Charyse"
  • "Stay As Long As You Like"

In your life you will, randomly, meet someone who opens up doors in your brain, who makes you think about things in a new way, who gives life a new kind of shine. That's exactly what it felt like talking to my guest today – Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie. In fact, after we finished recording, I raced to grab a piece of paper and write down something Adam had said:

"Be somebody who changes the molecules in the room."

In this session, Adam explains that he was referring to his mindset when it comes to performing with that quote, but it's something that could apply to so many situations.

Since mid-March, Adam has been performing twice a week, live and online from his house, along with his guitar player Will Donnelly. The series is called Tough Cookies, which is also the nickname Adam gave to the viewers who started tuning in every week. And even though Adam is playing piano from his living room, often in an undershirt and a red housecoat, his energy... well, you could say it changes the molecules in your room. You're right there with him.

Today, you'll hear a special Tough Cookies/World Cafe crossover episode with Low Cut Connie that was recorded in front of a live virtual audience. We'll also talk performing, Low Cut Connie's new album, Private Lives, and of course, you'll hear a whole bunch of live music.

In the spirit of our crossover, I thought I'd let Adam kick things off.

Episode Playlist