How the coronavirus pandemic has affected hospitals. : The Indicator from Planet Money The coronavirus has strained healthcare systems — and not just in their ability to deal with surges. We talk to one hospital administrator about the financial strain of COVID-19. | Donate to your member station here.

Healthcare: The Pandemic's Financial Fallout

Healthcare: The Pandemic's Financial Fallout

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NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dr. Patrick Cawley is C.E.O of the Medical University of South Carolina Health, a large network of teaching hospitals.

In April, The Indicator spoke to him when he was dealing with a very specific problem. In preparing for a surge of coronavirus cases, Dr. Cawley's hospitals were trying to get their hands on as much personal protective equipment as possible.

His issues didn't stop there. In addition to capacity constraints, the virus put hospital systems around the country under considerable financial pressure. Eventually, Dr. Cawley had to lay off 1,000 people.

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