Micro-Face gets an original comic book : Planet Money We have found the perfect superhero. Now we just have to make him our own. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here.

We Buy A Superhero 3: Resurrection

We Buy A Superhero 3: Resurrection

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Planet money revives Micro-Face for the present day Siena Mae/NPR hide caption

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Siena Mae/NPR

Planet money revives Micro-Face for the present day

Siena Mae/NPR

After weeks of searching, we have finally found the superhero for us: Micro-Face. He's an obscure Golden Age character, plucked from the depths of the public domain, wearing a mask with a built-in microphone. He's the hero that the world of podcasting needs right now.

But we have a problem. The original Micro-Face can never truly be ours. Since he is in the public domain, anyone can use the character's likeness and existing story. To produce a Planet Money version of Micro-Face, we need to innovate. A new look. A new story. A fresh, original take on the classic.

How do you even do that? We are going to find out. Today on the show, Planet Money Studios officially launches the Micro-Face franchise.

Miss any of the Micro-Face madness? Listen to the whole series here.

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