Sunday Puzzle: PB And J Time Listener Chris House of Annandale, Va., plays the puzzle with puzzlemaster Will Shortz and NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

Sunday Puzzle: PB And J Time

Sunday Puzzle: PB And J Time

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On-air Challenge: Today's puzzle is called "P B & J." I'm going to give you three words starting with the letters P, B and J. You give me a word that can follow each of mine to complete a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase.

Example: Parking, Back, Job --> LOT (parking lot, back lot, job lot)

3-letter answers:

1. Penalty, Boom, Juke

2. Power, Buzz, Jig

3. Present, Birth, Judgment

4. Pill, Bed, Jitter

4-letter answers:

5. Paddle, Basket, Jump

6. Plymouth, Bed, Jailhouse

5-letter answers:

7. Pogo, Broom, Joy

8. Pocket, Butter, Jack

9. Pinto, Baked, Jelly

6-letter answers:

10. Pickled, Bell, JalapeƱo

11. Puzzle, Brew, Jedi

Last week's challenge: This challenge came from from Joseph Young of St. Cloud, Minn. I'm looking for the names of two companies. One of them has a two-part name (5,5). The other has a three-part name (5,7,5). The last five-letter part of the two names is the same. And the first five-letter part of the first company's name is something the second company wants. What is it?

Challenge answer: Oscar Mayer / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Winner: Chris House of Annandale, Va.

This week's challenge: This week's challenge comes from listener Mark Scott, of Seattle. Think of a country with a one-word name. You can rearrange its letters to identify a member of one of our country's armed forces. Who is that, and what's the country?

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If you know the answer to next week's challenge, submit it here by Thursday, March 11, at 3 p.m. ET. Listeners who submit correct answers win a chance to play the on-air puzzle. Important: Include a phone number where we can reach you.