Vaccination Nations: Skeptics and Strategies Around the World : Rough Translation Two very different approaches to wooing vaccine skeptics. And how a little FOMO can go a long way.

Welcome To The Vaccination Club

Welcome To The Vaccination Club

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Yulia Reznikov/Getty Images
Repeated vials with covid-19 vaccine on the blue background - stock photo
Yulia Reznikov/Getty Images

In Lebanon, a Jimmy Kimmel parody video about the Pfizer vaccine is presented as a real news item. Despite doubts from his congregation, an imam in the UK turns his mosque into a vaccination center. And in Israel, a tale of two realities: theater and gym access for the vaccinated, while the rest are turned away.

As the world tries to get over the COVID-19 pandemic, a big question comes into focus: Can you convince the doubters, or is it more persuasive to exclude them?

In this episode, stories of skeptics, and the efforts that community leaders and health authorities employ to bring more people into the vaccination club.

Additional Context:

  • Listen to Daniel Estrin's reporting on Israel's effort to vaccinate all Palestinians in the country.
  • How do you roll out a vaccine in a war zone? Ruth Sherlock reports.
  • Reporting from NPR correspondents in Mexico, South Africa, and the UK on vaccination haves and have-nots. 

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