Brexit Trade Negotiations Hurt UK Food Trade With EU : The Indicator from Planet Money What has trade with the EU been like for Britons post-Brexit? We answer that question by looking at some of the tastiest indicators around.

A Culinary Tour Of Brexit

A Culinary Tour Of Brexit

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SCOTT HEPPELL/AFP via Getty Images
(SCOTT HEPPELL/AFP via Getty Images)
SCOTT HEPPELL/AFP via Getty Images

On The Indicator, we're taking a culinary tour of Brexit! When The U.K. finally completed its exit from the European Union New Year's Eve, it meant that many different industries had to change the way they did business.

On the show, we're joined by Frank Langfitt, NPR's London correspondent, to discuss one of hardest hit sectors: food. Specifically, we're talking about oysters, cheese and wine. Each item tells a different story about the real world consequences of Brexit so far, from new regulations to extra paperwork to a nationalistic cheese buying frenzy.

And the people who work in these industries reflect on the promise of Brexit: how it was sold and what's actually happening on the ground.

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