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The New Shape Of Pasta

The New Shape Of Pasta

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Dan Pashman's cascatelli pasta Scott Gordon Bleicher/Sporkful hide caption

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Scott Gordon Bleicher/Sporkful

Dan Pashman's cascatelli pasta

Scott Gordon Bleicher/Sporkful

There are dozens of different pasta shapes. But for Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast and pastaficionado, none of them are perfect. That's why, three years ago, Dan embarked on a journey to create the ideal pasta. This meant designing the pasta shape himself — then figuring out how to manufacture and sell thousands of pounds of it.

But creating a new pasta shape takes more than a man with a dream, some flour and some water. It takes expert counsel, heavy machinery, international phone calls. And quite a bit of money.

Today on the show, Dan joins us to talk about his obsession with the ideal pasta, and the journey to make his dream a reality.

Music: "You Can Hear The Birds Again" and "Rise Strong."

You can listen to Dan's quest to achieve noodle nirvana in the Mission: ImPASTAble series at The Sporkful.

Cascatelli is available at Sfoglini

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