Violinist Tessa Lark Joins Young Musicians for Bach, Dvorák, & more : From the Top GRAMMY-nominated violinist and From the Top Co-Host / Creative Tessa Lark joins Peter Dugan and a cohort of extraordinary teenage musicians in this episode. A 15-year-old violinist gets a coaching from Tessa and we hear performances of Bach, Chopin, Dvorák and more.

Violinist Tessa Lark Joins Young Musicians for Bach, Dvorák, & more

Violinist Tessa Lark Joins Young Musicians for Bach, Dvorák, & more

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Violinist Tessa Lark Joins Young Musicians for Bach, Dvorák, & More

Grammy-nominated violinist Tessa Lark joins pianist Peter Dugan to co-host this week's episode of From the Top, which was partially recorded at Yamaha Artist Services in New York, New York. The podcast features brilliant performances of Bartók, Bach, Chopin, and more, and catches a back-stage glimpse of Tessa Lark coaching a teenage violinist from Queens.

16-year-old oboist Spencer Rubin joins Tessa Lark (violin) and Peter Dugan (piano) for a delightful performance of Bach's Concerto for Oboe & Violin.


17-year-old pianist Brandon Hwang from Ramsey, New Jersey kicks off the program with a performance of Scherzo Op. 31 No. 2 in B flat Minor (excerpts)by Frédéric Chopin. He shares how studying piano has helped him gain confidence for other pursuits ranging from Model UN to reading his school's morning announcements.

Bassoonist and Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Awardee Nathan Shepherd, 15, from Lanesville, Indiana comes from a family of school band and orchestra directors. He performs Bassoon Sonata, Op. 168, Mvmt 2 by Camille Saint-Saëns.

Oboist Spencer Rubin, 16, from Woodbury, New York joins violinist Tessa Lark and pianist Peter Dugan for a jubilant performance of Bach's Violin and Oboe Concerto, Mvmt 3. Spencer reveals his knowledge of woodwind reeds and his sense of humor in a segment called the "Reedy Reed Show".

Violinist Bobby Boogyeom Park, 15, from Queens, New York performs Bartók 's 44 Duos for Violins, Mvmts 44, 28 and 35 with violinist Tessa Lark. But first we hear a behind-the-scenes moment where Tessa coaches Bobby on how to nuance and find the grit in the piece.

18-year-old guitarist and Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Awardee Daniela Santiago Martinez from Del Valle, Texas describes her start in music through an organization called Austin Soundwaves. She gives a meditative performance of La Rose,Op. 46 No. 9by Mauro Giuliani and a joyous interpretation of the Mexican pop song Sereno y Lolo Felix by Porte Diferente & Arsenal Efectivo, arr. Santiago.

Peter Dugan, piano and Tessa Lark, violin close the program with the soulfulSongs My Mother Taught Me by Antonín Dvorák, arr. by Fritz Kreisler.

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