2021 Student Podcast Challenge: College Finalists List of the College Finalists for the 2021 SPC!

2021 Student Podcast Challenge: College Finalists

Tale of Two Crawfish

By: Brian Le, Emory University

A Postcard

By: Elijah McKee, Skidmore College

He's Just 23 Chromosomes

By: Anya Steinberg & Danny Archibald, Colorado College

When Time Slows Down

By: Gabriela Santana, Hassan Fields & Joshua Gordon, Virginia Commonwealth University

Let's Do The Time Warp

By: Lennon Sherburne, Simmons University

Subway Symphony

By: Bennett Cook, Buffalo State College

Competition With The Best

By: Miriam Colvin, Penn State University

Transgender Rights in Small-Town Iowa

By: Savannah Kelley, Northwestern University

Men, Well Done

By: Andrew Zacks & Brenda Theresa Hayes, Princeton University

Music by: Charlie Zacks

PWI-ing While Black

By: Lena Diasti, Hope Houston, Chase Leito, Daisy Okoye, Dinah Clottey, Jonathan Brooks, University of Chicago