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Two Indicators: Boomtown & Bye Bye

Two Indicators: Boomtown & Bye Bye

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Sean Hawksford trying to buy a house. Sean Hawksford hide caption

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Sean Hawksford

Sean Hawksford trying to buy a house.

Sean Hawksford

Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia host The Indicator, Planet Money's spinoff daily series. Each day, they take a number or term in the news, and tell you what it means and why it matters.

But this week, we have some sad news to share. Cardiff, after nearly 4 years as host of The Indicator, is moving on to start his own venture. While it pains us to see Cardiff go, we are very excited to see what is next in store for him, and wish him the best in everything he does.

So today on Planet Money, we are packaging together a couple of Indicators for Cardiff to take with him as he rides off into the sunset. One about a Montana couple's struggle to buy a house, and another of the latest Indicators of the Week.

Music: "Blue Jeans, Black Lace," "Southern Spirit," and "So Long."

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