Indicator Favs: Let's Get Ready To Retail : The Indicator from Planet Money This week we're picking our favorite Indicators and adding a little behind the scenes peek. Today, the first time Stacey and Cardiff realized they share a taste for the bizarre in podcasting.

Indicator Favs: Let's Get Ready To Retail

Indicator Favs: Let's Get Ready to Retail

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This week we're revisiting some of our favorite episodes. This classic from 2018 was an early example of the show leaning into a goofy premise to explain a complicated story about money, retail and the way the world was changing.

Americans spent an estimated $3.6 trillion on physical goods in 2018. Amazon and Walmart competed fiercely to see which of them could get a bigger slice of that pie.

Walmart's massive network of big box outlets gave it an edge in the battle of retail giants, but Amazon had, and continues to have, a secret weapon: Prime.

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