Planet Money starts licensing their superhero, Micro-Face. : Planet Money Two months ago, Planet Money got its own superhero. Today, we sell him out. | Find the full Planet Money Superhero series here.

We Buy A Superhero 4: Sellout

We Buy A Superhero 4: Sellout

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Sommai Larkjit / EyeEm - Edited: Dan Girma/Getty Images/EyeEm
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Sommai Larkjit / EyeEm - Edited: Dan Girma/Getty Images/EyeEm

Two months ago, we began a quest to build our own superhero franchise. We faced the perils of copyright, waded through the depths of the public domain, and uncovered the hero who was perfect for the Planet Money brand: Micro-Face.

But finding our hero was just the beginning of that story. We still have to make Planet Money Studios the comic book juggernaut we envision it to be. That means getting Micro-Face out there for the world to see. We need to license him out to people who want our hero's (regular-sized) face on their merchandise..

But we can't slap his regular-sized face on any old thing! We need to hear proposals, marketing strategies, branding! We have to make sure that anyone who deigns to use Micro-Face's coveted image deserves to. We called for the best business opportunities, set up our own Planet Money Shark Tank, and let entrepreneurs pitch their ideas directly to the hosts, Kenny Malone and Robert Smith. Today on the show, we hear those ideas, consider those proposals. It's time for Micro-Face to sell out.

Miss any of the Micro-Face madness? Listen to the whole series here.

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