Planet Money tries to make a superhero movie with Micro-Face : Planet Money In the last and greatest chapter to our superhero saga, Micro-Face tries to make the jump from comic books to movies. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

We Buy A Superhero 5: Hollywood

We Buy A Superhero 5: Hollywood

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Dan Girma/NPR
Micro-Face gets his star
Dan Girma/NPR

It couldn't end any other way. Three months ago, Planet Money sought out to build a superhero franchise. We found our hero: Micro-Face. We marketed him to the world with comics and merchandise. The only logical conclusion of that journey was to do what Marvel has done: get Micro-Face on the silver screen.

Or, as close as we can get. It turns out that our sonic superhero has inspired quite a few people to produce some very creative adaptations of our dear Micro-Face. And they all deserve their shot in the spotlight. Today on the show, we see what it takes for Micro-Face to go from the microphone to the movie theater, and bring our superhero series to a worthy conclusion.

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