Petsitting Services Rise As Pent Up Travel Demand Booms : The Indicator from Planet Money When people were stuck at home during Covid lockdowns, the pet sitting business slowed to a trickle. But recently traveling has picked up and now pet sitters can barely keep up with demand.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who Let The Dogs Out?

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Jenny Evans/Getty Images
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Jenny Evans/Getty Images

Pet sitters are in high demand these days, as people are traveling more. TSA checkpoints are screening five or six times as many people as they were a year ago, and that means more business for airlines, rental cars, hotels and ... petsitters.

We called Beverly Pickering, a pet sitter living in Hazel Park, Michigan, and she's gone from having practically no customers during the pandemic to suddenly having more work than she knows what to do with. And she says all the pet sitters she knows are going through the same thing.

On The Indicator from Planet Money, we share a tail-wagging story about one of many service industries that was in the doghouse for most of the past year, but is now waking up from its long, pandemic nap.

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