Work Or Family, A Tough Call For Women In The Workforce : The Indicator from Planet Money Millions of women left the workforce during the pandemic. Today, a story about a mother's tough decision to leave work and an economist's view on the labor market for women during the pandemic.

Women, Work And The Pandemic

Women, Work And The Pandemic

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Millions of women left their jobs during the pandemic because of childcare. Now that schools are reopening and lockdowns are lifting, many women are going back to work... but many aren't. How is the situation right now from the perspectives of an economist and a mother?

Over 4 million women left the workforce during the pandemic. At home, women report shouldering more responsibilities than men do. Economist Allison Schrager closely monitors women's employment to population ratio, which slid below 50% for the first time since the 1980s last year. She worries about the many women that are forced to leave work and the permanent damage done to their careers.

To women who don't want to quit work, leaving the workforce is a difficult decision. Priscila DeMaris is a mother and an accountant. During the pandemic, her husband worked on the frontline as a doctor, so she had to take over all the duties at home. It was the same time as the tax season, so Priscila overworked every day. One day, she decided to quit her job... What has her life been like? We decided to find out.

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