Puerto Rico Small Businesses Lead In Covid Vaccine Mandates : Planet Money : The Indicator from Planet Money Only 3 to 4 percent of small businesses in many states require workers to show proof of vaccination but in Puerto Rico, the number is 20 percent. Why? We speak with an economist and two business owners to find out.

Should Business Mandate Covid Vaccines For Employees?

Should Business Mandate Covid Vaccines For Employees?

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Puerto Rico's small businesses lead the nation in percentage in requiring vaccinations for employees to return to work. The island's percentage is quadruple the national average.

Economist Jose Caraballo-Cueto is studying the impact of government intervention in COVID-19. He notes that when it came to the pandemic, Puerto Rico stepped in earlier and with far more stringent restrictions than most states, which saved taxpayer money and lives in the long term. In addition, Jose suggests that residents of Puerto Rico value health more than the economy.

Robert Duran is a small business owner in Puerto Rico. He says when it comes to the vaccine, science and health, Puerto Ricans are not political. But, in reality, business owners like Robert Duran and Luis Negron don't have to worry about the contentious debate around vaccine mandates. Many local businesses report that most of their employees have already been vaccinated.

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