The Fed's July Beige Book Highlights New Labor Market Dynamics : Planet Money : The Indicator from Planet Money The Beigie Award is out for July! This time our winner talks about employee burnout, increased talent poaching, and a special cameo from someone we all know and love.

Burnout, Poaching And Robots Taking Our Jobs: The Beigie Awards!

Burnout, Poaching and Robots Taking Our Jobs: The Beigie Awards!

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Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

The Federal Reserve recently released the July Beige Book, a report on the current economic conditions across the country featuring the twelve Federal Reserve Banks. This edition extensively covers the labor market, as demands in the service sector boom and the labor market cannot keep up. The Dallas Fed recounts vividly the labor crunch, citing a one-thousand dollar signing bonus for coffee shop baristas.

But this time the Atlanta Fed wins the Beigie Award with its refreshing take on the current labor market. The winning paragraph talks about more overtime for current employees, increasing incidents of burnout, talent poaching, and the trend towards further automation. We speak with Chris Oakley, the vice president of the Atlanta Fed.

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