Interview: Leon Bridges On His New Album, 'Gold-Diggers Sound' : World Cafe : World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN For his latest album, Bridges found solitude in a place called Gold-Diggers Sound in L.A.

Leon Bridges, An Introvert, Is Resigned To Fame

Leon Bridges on World Cafe

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Pavielle Garcia/Courtesy of the artist

Leon Bridges

Pavielle Garcia/Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Leon Bridges, "Motorbike"
  • Dinner Party, "Freeze Tag"
  • Leon Bridges, "Sweeter"
  • Khruangbin & Leon Bridges, "Texas Sun"
  • Leon Bridges, "Blue Mesas"
  • Leon Bridges, "Born Again"

In his music, Leon Bridges exudes an easy confidence. He's got a silky voice that effortlessly dances around the smooth, retro tunes that have made him a star over the course of his last three albums. It's his sense of style, too: vintage button-ups, bell bottoms, and (the day we spoke) a gold chain and a patterned head scarf tied in the front. It all gives the impression of someone who loves to perform, who thrives in the spotlight.

But Leon Bridges? He's an introvert. And for his latest album, he found solitude in a place in Los Angeles called Gold-Diggers Sound, which ended up becoming the name of the album. In this episode, he'll tell you about Gold-Diggers Sound and what it's like being an introvert who just keeps becoming more and more famous.

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