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Two Indicators: Will Remote Work Kill The Office?

Two Indicators: Will Remote Work Kill The Office?

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Thomas Barwick/Getty Images
An empty office.
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Many companies have transitioned to full-time remote work during the pandemic. When the pandemic ends, will their workers go back to the office? Or are we witnessing the death of the office?

Some people are predicting that remote work is here to stay and that it could revolutionize America's economic map. Remote work, they say, could allow some workers to move out of "superstar cities" like Seattle and New York in favor of cheaper areas.

But predictions that remote work will kill the office are not new. People made similar predictions in the 1970s, when personal computers took off. And they made the same predictions in the 1990s, when the Internet took off. Instead of killing the office, however, the personal computer and the Internet only made the office more important than ever. Tech companies, for example, built these ginormous offices and placed them near each other in places like Silicon Valley.

In this episode, we scan the data, the research, the theories and bring you two Indicators that debate the future of the office.

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