Our Indicators: College Ranking, Poverty, Vaccine Penalties : Planet Money : The Indicator from Planet Money It's that time of the week again! On today's show, we bring the indicators on airline vaccine mandates, U.S. poverty after all that pandemic aid and a surprising shakeup in college rankings.

Indicators Of The Week: Colleges, Poverty, Airlines

Indicators Of The Week: Colleges, Poverty, Airlines

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Cody Glenn/Getty Images
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Cody Glenn/Getty Images

There was a major shakeup in the annual college rankings race after Forbes overhauled its formula, knocking Harvard off its long-standing perch at number one, replaced by a public university for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, the Census Bureau's annual report on poverty shows that pandemic aid helped keep a lot of Americans afloat last year, says Georgia Tech economist Shatakshee Dhongde.

Also, airlines struggle to please both passengers and employees under new pandemic rules.

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