Tirzah's 'Colourgrade' welcomes interpretation NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks to the British songwriter about writing her atmospheric and experimental sophomore album, Colourgrade.

Tirzah's 'Colourgrade' welcomes interpretation

Tirzah's 'Colourgrade' welcomes interpretation

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Tirzah's new album is Colourgrade. Lillie Eiger/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Lillie Eiger/Courtesy of the artist

Tirzah's new album is Colourgrade.

Lillie Eiger/Courtesy of the artist

To color grade a photo is to alter its hues — to make them brighter, bolder, more or less detailed — in order to create a particular effect. That's what English singer-songwriter Tirzah does with reflections on her life in her sophomore album, Colourgrade.

A lot has happened for Tirzah since her last album, Devotion, in 2018: She quit her job as a textile print designer, had a second child and wrote a whole new album. But going back into the studio? She tells NPR's Ailsa Chang that was old hat:

"It's like meeting up with one of your closest friends," she says. "You just kind of snap back to who you were with them. It's very easy, in a way."

Although the record is informed by her personal experiences, she says its meaning is up for interpretation. "If it makes you feel anything at all, that's pretty magic, I think," Tirzah says. "I can't really ask for any more than that."

Listen to Ailsa Chang's interview with Tirzah in the audio player above, and stream Tirzah's latest album below.