How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Are Getting More Popular : Planet Money : The Indicator from Planet Money In the high school lunchroom version of business school, finance majors were the popular jocks and logistics majors were... the math club. But nowadays, they're sitting at the cool kids' table.

Revenge of the math club

Revenge of the math club

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Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The world economy runs on supply chains. Logistics is all about finding the most efficient way to move stuff — whether it's raw material or finished products — along that chain.

Terry Esper, a logistics professor at The Ohio State University, says although companies have been investing in logistics for years, the pandemic has meant more consumer interest — and student enrollment.

Today on the show: just what the heck is logistics anyway? And how did the logistics profession go from obscurity to new found popularity?

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