Alt.Latino And NPR News: Journeys To Mexico, Cuba and Peru : Alt.Latino This week we share music stories from NPR News that you should know about, featuring Cimafunk, Susana Baca and 'El Charro de Mexico' Vicente Fernandez.

Alt.Latino And NPR News: Musical Profiles From Mexico, Cuba and Peru

Alt.Latino And NPR News: Musical Profiles From Mexico, Cuba and Peru

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We take a look at a few greats, old and new: Vicente Fernandez, Susana Baca, Cimafunk. Reanna Cruz/NPR Illustration hide caption

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Reanna Cruz/NPR Illustration

This week we're featuring another round of interviews and profiles from the world of Latin music – this time, the sources are our colleagues at NPR News and All Songs Considered. This week we're including a profile of the iconic Peruvian singer Susana Baca, a conversation with Cimafunk and a check-in with Vicente Fernandez by way of his most ardent fans. As well, Anamaria Sayre and I discuss new albums from Baca and Cimafunk.

These stories and interviews reflect just how important Latin music, the people who make it and listen to it, are to NPR. So if you're a fan of this podcast but maybe not a regular listener of NPR News, give it a try. You'll discover things that keep you informed about the world around you... and you just might hear something of yourself in there, too.