Celebrating Petra Mayer's legacy and the joy she brought to NPR : Pop Culture Happy Hour There's no good way to share terrible news. Pop Culture Happy Hour panelist and NPR Books editor Petra Mayer died suddenly on Saturday of what is believed to be a pulmonary embolism. We take some time to remember our friend and colleague, and revisit some of our favorite episodes featuring Petra.

Celebrating Petra Mayer's legacy and the joy she brought to NPR

Celebrating Petra Mayer's legacy and the joy she brought to NPR

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Allison Shelley/NPR
Petra Mayer at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., May 21, 2019.
Allison Shelley/NPR

There's no good way to share terrible news. This episode is a tribute to our friend and colleague Petra Mayer, who died suddenly on November 13 of what's believed to have been a pulmonary embolism. Petra was a treasured member of NPR's Culture desk, a funny and lovely person, and a great advocate for books both literary and not, including the romance and speculative fiction titles she passionately promoted for coverage at NPR. She was indispensable in developing some of the projects that have been so critical to the growth of NPR Books, especially the Book Concierge and the yearly summer books poll. She also made many appearances on Pop Culture Happy Hour. Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson and I, who all worked with Petra for many years, gathered with NPR's Barrie Hardymon, one of Petra's fellow book editors, to remember our friend and listen back to some of her smart, sharp thoughts.

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The Pop Culture Happy Hour panel is Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Barrie Hardymon. The audio was produced by Mike Katzif and edited by Jessica Reedy. Arielle Retting contributed to the digital story.