How the truffle business works in the pandemic : Planet Money Truffles are one of the most expensive and sought after ingredients in the world. Today, we look back at our NYC adventure with a truffle smuggler and how the market has changed since we last talked to him. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

A trunk full of truffles (Update)

A trunk full of truffles (Update)

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Truffles on a scale Dan Pashman/The Sporkful hide caption

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Dan Pashman/The Sporkful

Truffles on a scale

Dan Pashman/The Sporkful

Back in 2016, we made an episode with Ian Purkayastha about truffles. At the time, he was a baby-faced connoisseur who sold truffles out of his trunk to some of the fanciest restaurants in New York. In this episode, he kindly let us tag along in a race against time to sell $20,000 worth of truffles before their value depreciates.

Since then his business has boomed and the truffle industry is changing. Today, we bring you an update.

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