Women march for abortion rights across America In D.C. and across the country, people gathered by the thousands in coordinated rallies to demand reproductive justice for all. The main message? Everyone loves someone who's had an abortion.

These women speak candidly about their abortions. Here's what they want you to know

Protesters march in front of the U.S. capitol building on Oct. 2 in Washington.
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Today the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a Mississippi case that could challenge Roe v. Wade, the case that set the precedent allowing women to terminate a pregnancy in the first two trimesters. Activists on both sides of this raging battle believe this could be a watershed moment. Earlier this year, I spoke with a 91-year-old grandmother from N.Y., a 22-year-old college student from San Antonio and a 46-year-old mother from Richmond, Va. – just three of the tens of thousands of people who gathered in the nation's capital and across the country to demand reproductive justice for all. Their main message – everyone loves someone who's had an abortion – aligns with recent polling showing majority of Americans support abortion rights.

The battle over abortion rights and access is raging in the U.S.
History of abortion rights
Elaine Finsilver, 91, N.Y. Metro Area
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Veronika Granado, 22, San Antonio, Texas
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Kenya Martin, 46, Richmond, Va.
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Kenya at abortion rally
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