How does HBO think about their analog sonic branding in the digital age : Planet Money What happens when the iconic symbol of your brand no longer makes sense? Today, HBO tries to evolve their sonic brand. This episode was adapted from the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

HBO 2.0

HBO 2.0

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George Butler

Art by George Butler

George Butler

Note: This episode is adapted from the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz.

Sonic IDs. While the term may not be familiar, you've undoubtedly heard them. Think about the sound you hear when you start a Netflix show, a Windows computer, or even this very podcast. These are sounds that have become linked to the very brands they represent.

But what happens when a sonic brand no longer makes sense? Executives at HBO faced this tough question as they reevaluated the network's iconic symbol.


Would people who have never seen or touched an analog TV even understand what TV static is? Today, HBO's sonic rebranding meets the power of nostalgia.

Music: Original Music by Wesley Slover. "The Puzzle Solver" and "Breathing Underwater" and "The Light from Within"

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