Why so many ice cream machines at McDonald's are broken : The Indicator from Planet Money McDonald's is notorious for frequent malfunctions of its ice cream machine. What's behind those malfunctions and why is the government getting involved?

Why are McDonald's ice cream machines always broken?

Why are McDonald's ice cream machines always broken?

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Daniel Pockett/Getty Images
McDonald&#039;s sign
Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

The McFlurry is one of the best-selling dessert items on the McDonald's menu. And yet as almost any McFlurry fan will attest, the soft serve machines used to make them are constantly breaking down. It happens so often that McDonald's itself once tweeted "we have a joke about our soft serve machine but we're worried it won't work."

Today on The Indicator, we're getting to the bottom of what's really behind the broken McDonald's ice cream machine conundrum. And we find out why McFlurries are so important to the economy that the Federal Trade Commission is getting involved.


The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

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