Cookbooks by Melissa Clark and Turkey and the Wolf have been lost at sea Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin by Mason Hereford and Dinner in One by Melissa Clark call the mishap a very 2022 event as a storm sinks their publication dates.

A shipment of cookbooks is lost at sea. Authors hope the fish enjoy the recipes

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Turkey and the Wolf by Mason Hereford; Dinner in One by Melissa Clark

Catie Dull/NPR

Two new cookbooks from Penguin Random House were lost at sea, according to their authors, and fans who were looking forward to the books will have to wait.

They were aboard a ship called the Madrid Bridge, according to Insider. The transportation publication Loadstar reports that a container ship with that name, headed to New York from Taiwan encountered a storm near the Azores on Jan. 15. Sixty containers fell overboard, and 80 more containers were damaged.

So instead of coming out Feb. 15, Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin, by Mason Hereford will come out June 21. And instead of publishing in March, Dinner in One, by Melissa Clark will now be available Sept. 6. The authors seemed to be in good humor about the unusual news.

"I'm sorry for the delay bummer, " Hereford wrote in an Instagram post. "The good news is that there were no critical injuries, as can happen in these situations. But the bad news is the books might be in a cargo container at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean."

Author and New York Times columnist Clark posted on Instagram that their books being "MIA on the wine-dark sea" is "in keeping with the zeitgeist of 2022." She suggests the fish may enjoy the recipes.