Entries We Love: weighted blnkt, 'sigma male anthem' This Tiny Desk Contest entry takes tongue-in-cheek approach to insufferableness.

Entries We Love: weighted blnkt, 'sigma male anthem'


Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Pairs well with: Skimming the SparkNotes page for The Phenomenology of Spirit

From a slightly too-crowded room, weighted blnkt offers a cozy anthem to all the enigmatic crushes I had in college – though the group skips the all-black outfits, we do get a taste of the self-seriousness that can stem from reading too much Kant, as McCooey calls out "out into the snow / midnight repose / wandering through prose I used to espouse." But with Gatton's ad libs about Duke Deuce and childhood friends and the hazy feel of "sigma male anthem" takes a more tongue-in-cheek approach to insufferableness. Even as they sing of solitude, weighted blnkt's homespun style gives its music a sense of warmth that encourages us to stick around.