The Micro-Face comic book is finally here! Here's why it took a year. : Planet Money After many, many delays, the Micro-Face comic book is here! And we answer the burning question: Why did it take so long to make a comic book? | Come see Planet Money Live in NYC on May 10th! One night only. Tickets on sale here. And buy our now-ready Micro-Face comic book.

We Buy a Superhero 6: The Comic Book

We Buy a Superhero 6: The Comic Book

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Kenny Malone/NPR
Hot off the press, The Micro-Face comic books are here!
Kenny Malone/NPR

The day is finally here. The Micro-Face comic books have been printed! This time last year, we were accepting pre-orders that were slated to ship within a few months. But due to a series of unfortunate events ... that did not happen.

Making a comic book is, what's the right way to say this? Way freaking harder than we thought! What we assumed were tiny decisions rippled downstream, and caused all kinds of problems and delays. Today on the show, a front row seat as we break the comic book supply chain.

Music: "A Hero Rises," "It's Starting Up," "Awkward Moment," "Curious Stroll," and "Final Lament."

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Come see Planet Money Live: A Superhero... and Musical! on May 10th in NYC. One night only. Buy tickets here. And buy our now-ready Micro-Face comic book.

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