How the Financial Times's John Burn-Murdoch tracked COVID-19 data : The Indicator from Planet Money The United States has hit a million recorded deaths from COVID-19, a likely undercount. Today, how John Burn-Murdoch from the Financial Times tracks COVID-19, and what the true death toll really is.

Tracking 1 million COVID deaths

Tracking 1 million COVID deaths

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Financial Times
Financial Times COVID-19 Tracker.
Financial Times

The United States marked a grim milestone in the pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins University, the United States reached 1 million COVID-19 deaths this Tuesday. But the true number of deaths is likely to be well past that.

Today, we talk to John Burn-Murdoch, a data journalist from the Financial Times, about the FT's COVID-19 tracker, and how he's been using data to answer some of the most pressing questions of the pandemic.

Financial Times's COVID-19 Tracker

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