Rough Translation's new season @Work begins June 1. We're back @Work. The new season of Rough Translation will tell surprising stories from workplaces and work cultures around the world.

New Season: @Work. Starting June 1.

New Season: @Work. Starting June 1.

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Our expectations of work are changing. Whether you're a cubicle-dweller, side gig hustler or blue-collar breadwinner, we're all experiencing some major changes to the idea of what a workplace should look and feel like.

This new season of Rough Translation tells stories of culture change in the workplace – from a mysterious criminal who inspired a "slacker revolution" in China, to a trans woman trucker rewriting the rules of the road in the U.S., to Ukrainians whose relationship to work has been upended by war.

@Work will also explore unusual workplace rules, including Portugal's steep fines for bosses who send after-work emails and France's ban on employees eating lunch at their desks.

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Rough Translation@Work begins June 1st.

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