Planet Money detectives get to the bottom of your listener questions : Planet Money It was just another day at the office. Then the phone started ringing and the caseload kept growing...on today's show, your favorite Planet Money gumshoes investigate your listener questions. | Fill out our listener survey here.

On the case: Recession, formula, and greenbacks

On the case: Recession, formula, and greenbacks

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Peter Ruck/Getty Images
February 1968: The shadow of R A Rendel, publicity manager for the Abbey National Building Society, in the guise of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Mr Rendel answers the fan mail sent to Holmes&#039; address at 221b Baker Street, a site now occupied by the building society. (Photo by Peter Ruck/BIPs/Getty Images)
Peter Ruck/Getty Images

As economic detectives, we've seen it all. Planet Money listeners email, tweet, and DM us questions about the economy every day. No question is too big or small for the Planet Money Detective Agency!

On today's show, Detective Erika Beras and some of your favorite Planet Money gumshoes are hot on the case, answering your questions about everything from are we in a recession, to why U.S. dollar bills are green and the baby formula shortage.

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