With inflation, how do consumers adjust spending? The Beige Book tells all. : The Indicator from Planet Money June. School's out, the sun is shining and most importantly, the Beige Book is here again! Among the Federal Reserve Banks, which gave the best anecdote about how the economy is doing?

The Beigie Awards: The gallon is half full

The Beigie Awards: The gallon is half full

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Ring the party bells and sound the alarm, the Beige Book is out! The 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the United States have joined together once again to compile anecdotes about the current state of the economy. Heavy-hitting entries include record-breaking hotel occupancies amid labor shortages, real-time pricing with digital menus and... milk.

That is, how customers are altering their spending patterns to buy things like grocery staples. Join us as we hear from a grocery store in Ohio to understand the psyche behind the consumer.

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