How the Telfar bag is creating new rules for luxury with classic sales tactics : The Indicator from Planet Money 3... 2... 1... GONE? Already? The Telfar Shopping Bag's been considered the "it" bag the last few years, if you can get your hands on one. It's also making big fashion statements by redefining luxury and accessibility in the fashion world.

Securing the (Telfar) bag

Securing the (Telfar) bag

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Small black Telfar shopping bag Arturo Holmes/Getty Images hide caption

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Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Small black Telfar shopping bag

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

What images do a luxury "it" handbag invoke? Perhaps bougie boutiques, exotic leathers... and expensive price tags. Well, the Telfar Shopping Bag is turning the fashion world topsy-turvy by toeing the line between luxury and accessibility. It's "not for you, for everyone." So what's the secret?

On today's show, we look at how designer Telfar Clemens and his company remixes old-school sales tactics to sell one of the hottest bags on the market.

Special thanks to the Facebook group Telfar Talk!

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